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Articles on fracking

We parsed and crunched online articles about fracking from one of the biggest mainstream magazines to see, if anything interesting comes out. Well, this is the result, we are not claiming any specific success, judge for yourself.

Visit the Wikipedia is you are not sure what fracking is.

2012, first quarter

2011 second quarter

2011 third quarter

2011 last quarter

2012 first quarter

Heatmap of words

The lighter the color the bigger the role those words had in that quarter. Subjects with similar activity maps are clustered together to some degree.

Casual observations of the heatmap

As we see, in 2011 Q1 whole thing just started getting publicity, just few words like “climate”, “public”, “protest” and “commite” were amongst more active.

In Q2 “methane” and safety were the big themes, “climate” enhanced and some new themes were open.

Q3 is very pronounced in whole lower cluster of words like “council”, “planning”, “people”, “government” and “safety”, “fear” and “exploration”. “Climate” made it’s peak and there was not much talk about “methane” any more.

Again in Q4 whole upper cluster of words becomes very active. The most pronounced seem to be “protesters”, “committee”, “chemicals”, “concerns” and “tremors” and “pressure”. In the bottom “water” pops out.

2012 Q1 things got more calm. The theme that was slowly growing and seems enhanced here are “earthquakes” and “safe” becomes more prominent again. The theme of “water” and “oil” persist from the previous quarter.

Word associations

At the end we decided to look into words associated with words that have higher human/social context in our view. Bigger font means bigger association.

Well that’s it. We do this because we are interested in data visualization and like to practice on real examples. We also believe any additional overview of the information that touches lives of the people is in general public good. We don’t claim we found out anything special based on this work. Don’t claim anything based on our results and work, make your own work if you want that!

If you have any comments or questions about it, write them below or email us at dataoko AT

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Prosta delovna mesta (april 2012)

Število prostih delovnih mest

Število iskalcev zaposlitev

Iskalci zaposlitev (svetlo rdeče) in prosta delovna mesta (zeleno)

Zemljevid (c) OpenStreetMap contributors, CCBYSA

Št. iskalcev zaposlitev na eno prosto delovno mesto

Št. iskalcev zaposlitev na eno prosto delovno mesto (svetlo rdeče)

Temno rdeč krog pomeni 50 iskalcev na eno prosto delovno mesto. Dodan je za lažje primerjanje.

Zemljevid (c) OpenStreetMap contributors, CCBYSA

Moje naključne opazke:

  • Nekoliko nenavadna razporeditev zavodov.
  • V negativno smer izstopata dve področji: grozd zasavlje-Celje-Velenje in Prekmurje.
  • Nisem pričakoval, da bo Sevnica na drugem mestu.
  • Zaradi večkrat črnih novic, nisem pričakoval, da bo Maribor boljši kot Novo Mesto in Nova Gorica.
    (predvidevam da sta slabši, ker pokrivata več odročnejših krajev: Bela Krajina, Trenta?)
  • Za Celje sem mislil, da je v boljšem stanju.

Viri in obdelava

vir podatkov: spletna stran

obdelava: le neposredna uporaba, skripte bom objavil na github.


Graf je narejen na osnovi podatkov, ki jih vsak lahko kadarkoli vidi na spletni strani zavoda za zaposlovanje. Prikazal sem jih, ker me vizualizacija podatkov zanima in rad vadim v praksi.

Če potrebujete podobno vizualizacijo ali obdelavo podatkov, mi pišite na

To je ponovna objava članka, ker sem preselil stran na


To je objava starih vizualizacij iz obdobja ko je bilo govora o ACTI.

Oblak besed Slovenske različice


Oblak besed angleške različice (verzije 2010 in 2012)


Razlike med prvo 2010 verzijo ACTE in 2012